WELCOME TO BOWLS AND SUCH !!! ( Our doors are always open so you bring the salad and we'll supply the bowl )

Our wooden bowls are hand-turned on a 100 year old lathe--(respectifully called MR. Tyler thats the name of the gentleman I bought it from )one at a time.They are then allowed to dry so each one takes on its own individual shape and no two bowls will be exactly a like. Bowls are made of red oak, maple, cherry, or ash then sealed with bees wax and mineral oil making them food safe and easy to care for. (Just clean with warm soap and water, dry and apply a coat of vegitable oil). I on the other hand, simply turn for the love of the creative process. I'm addicted to discovery , progress,and the fact that while perfection is forever my goal,yesterdays challenges often become the basic skills of tomorrow.

One of the many challenges I do have is getting the logs to turn bowls. You see, I have to depend on mother nature to clean house that way I'm not killing the trees.(I'm just helping clean the mess)

On the following pages you'll see pictures of my shop, ( my wife calls it my Cave ) how a bowl is made, and samples of some of my work.

All the bowls shown can be made of ash,oak,maple,or just about any wood you would like depending on the availability of the wood and size of the bowl the cost could be higher or lower.

Just let me know your price range

So sit back,enjoy, and come back often!! Any Questions? Feel free to send email to:

Rene Marion

Bowls@bowlsandsuch .com
27 Cloran St.
Bowls And Such
Putnam, CT 06260
United States

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Bowls And Such

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